Steel Blue was created in 1995 with one goal: to make the world’s most comfortable boot. Through their continued innovation and premium boot engineering, they have not only achieved this goal, but they have become globally recognized and Australia’s leading supplier of work boots.

Traditional steel toe boots are notorious for being clunky and uncomfortable, so Steel Blue was determined to end that stereotype by creating boots that are as comfortable as they are durable. How did they solve this, you may ask? By being the first to implement a variety of innovative features into their boot designs:

The Most Comfortable Steel Toe

Firstly, every Steel Blue boot is constructed with a wider and taller toe box than other brands to prevent the steel toe from pinching or rubbing your foot. The steel toes on these boots are capable of resisting a drop force of 200J, 15kN of rolling objects, nail gun punctures and power saw cuts, so they will keep your feet safe on even the most aggressive jobsites. Additionally, Steel Blue uses a Composite toe cap as opposed to actual steel in most of their designs, because the material is more comfortable for the wearer, while still being just as protective. These are also airport-friendly and more lightweight than standard safety toe caps.  

Shock-Absorbing Multilayer Insole

The sole of Steel Blue shoes is unlike any other on the market. Their Ortho Rebound Footbed is constructed with ridges that are deeper in the back of the boot and shallower in the front to direct airflow consistently throughout the boot while you are walking. These boots also have a multilayer sole which they call Trisole, that provides extreme cushioning and shock absorption. If that wasn’t enough to convince you that these boots are comfortable, every boot also comes with a cushioning pad in the heel and ball of your foot that is made of PORON, an anti-microbial memory foam material that is designed to not break down over time. This ensures that your boots will feel brand-new even after multiple wears.

Impact-Resistant Outsoles

These boots are built to last in any work environment. Steel Blue boots have a durable polyurethane midsole that is water resistant and binds the whole shoe together. Their Thermoplastic Urethane (TPU) outsole has a high tolerance against cuts, abrasion, splitting, and cracking, as well as a high resistance to most oils and chemicals. Unlike other protective work boots, these boots are lightweight and flexible to help you move easily with every step. All Steel Blue safety boots featuring the TPU Outsole comply with American Safety Footwear Certification ASTM F2413. Steel Blue Soft Toe work boots that feature a TPU Outsole comply with American Safety Footwear Certification ASTM F2892.

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