A resin work cart loaded up with gear and materials is a common sight on most commercial jobs. Suncast is probably not the first brand that comes to mind, but we have been extremely impressed by this Heavy Duty Utility Cart PUCHD2654 ($199). Keep in mind, this is their largest version at 26.5” x 58.75” with a 750 lbs capacity equipped with a lot of bells and whistles. Is this the best value for performance in a resin work cart? Yes, we’re pretty sure it is.  

Fixed Wheels vs 360 Casters

These Suncast carts can go from 2 fixed front casters to all 4 casters having 360 degree motion it a kick of the foot lever, then back again with a second or so. Better quality, made from durable polyurethane-coated wheels for a smooth, non-marring quiet ride. All around this seems to be the best system we’ve seen in carts.

Storage Options & Functionality

The Heavy Duty Utility Carts come with 6 movable bins (2 large, 4 small) as well as side rail around upper trey for attaching other items. Cord hook by the handle, conduit notch, holes in legs allow for spools of wire to be easy fixed in place for smooth feeding.

Add Security with Cart Shield

When it comes to securing tools and other valuable materials in you cart coming in April 2020 there will be an add-on options for these carts called Cart Shield. These are metal armor panels that can be attached to the slightly smaller Utility Cart 26.5” x 48.75” PUCHD2645 ($199). Price on the Cart Shield will be coming soon and hopefully a version for the larger cart as well but no official word yet.

SunCast Commercial

Ohio Power Tool stocks other Suncast Commercial products as well, from material flat carts, dump carts, 55 gallon trash cans and more. If you’ve got any questions on any martial handling products on Suncast related items give our team a call 800-242-4424 and we’ll be happy to help.