With a variety of Framing Nailers on the market, Milwaukee knew that they had to make the new M18 30° Framing Nailer Kit really stand out in order to get your attention. This framing nailer has been highly anticipated for some time and we’re so excited that it’s finally released. Why all the hype? With traditional nailers, there was a lot of frustration with costs, maintenance and time invested in the gas cartridge system. This nailer addresses all of those concerns, while setting the new standard for cordless framing nailers and providing you with the Milwaukee quality you know and depend on.

Saving Time

One impressive quality of the new M18 30° Framing Nailer is the no ramp-up feature. To keep you productive and efficient throughout the day, the framing gun fires the best in class three nails per second with zero ramp-up time, meaning a nail is fired as soon as you pull the trigger. Reducing ramp-up time was one of the main requests from users that Milwaukee wanted to address with this new product.

Another pain point that Milwaukee focused on improving with the new M18 30° Framing Nailer is run time. Historically, battery powered nailers have not produced the run time needed to complete the job. With a 5.0 battery, the run time exceeds 750 nails with a max nail length of 3-½”. Milwaukee also offers an extended mag ($79) that will double your capacity.

Saving Money

With traditional nailers, costs can range up to $1,500 to operate and maintain. What’s nice about the new M18 30° Framing Nailer is that it pays for itself within just one year. It’s maintenance free with no regular cleaning or servicing required. By removing gas cartridges and air compressors completely, the elimination of hoses and all maintenance of the compressor makes this nailer worth every penny.


Another concern on several jobsites, especially here in Ohio, is the performance of cordless nailers in brutal, extended winter weather. Milwaukee addresses this by testing all of their materials at their R&D center located in Brookfield, Wisconsin. Milwaukee offers a system that will perform in all extreme conditions, and they’re 100% confident that their cold weather performance will blow customers away, even on the toughest materials.

The new M18 30° Framing Nailer provides you with quality, through top-of-the-line pneumatic performance, along with convenience from the freedom of cordless power. This ensures the durability that professional carpenters and remodelers expect, without the hassle of a compressor and hose or gas cartridge. With the power to sink full round head nails into dense engineered materials such as LVL and pressure treated lumber, this framing nailer enables you to handle even the most demanding framing applications.

The new M18 30° Framing Nailer Bare Tool is available now at ohiopowertool.com for only $349. The Kit, which includes one 5.0 Battery, is also available for $449. Coming in July is the M18 21° Framing Nailer, which retails at the same exact price and is available for pre-order now.

Ohio Power Tool is here to help you find the right tool for the job. If you have any questions about the new Milwaukee M18 Nailers, or anything else, just give us a call at 800-242-4424. We are always happy to get you the information and products that you need.