The best way to get a hand injury on the job is not wearing gloves, or not wearing the correct type of gloves. When selecting what type of glove to wear, many aspects need to be considered. What level of dexterity do you need for the job? What about the impact rating? What level of comfort do you need for those jobs that last all day? We met with our Milwaukee Territory Safety Specialist, Adonios Papanikolau (AP), to talk through the different variations of gloves available and the benefits of each.

What to Look For

Dexterity is one of the key features to consider when purchasing new work gloves. Mobility, breathability, grip, fit and comfort all play a role in selecting the right glove for you and your projects. Milwaukee gloves check all of these boxes and even have additional features like Hi-Vis color options and SMARTSWIPE™—touchscreen compatibility to unlock phones, answer calls, etc. without needing to take your gloves off.

Another key component to consider when choosing the right glove for you or your team is durability. Gloves not only need to hold up on the jobsite, but you want them to be long-lasting and able to perform well in extreme weather conditions. Milwaukee offers heavy-duty Impact gloves with enhanced TPR and added padding for unmatched durability. They also have Winter variations of some of their gloves for the added warmth and water resistance needed in colder climates.

Polyurethane & Nitrile Dipped

Polyurethane dipped gloves are designed with comfort and fit in mind. Milwaukee‘s collection of Polyurethane & Nitrile dipped gloves include reinforced nitrile coating between the thumb and index finger for enhanced durability as well as high performance polyethylene for added protection. With up to 15 gauge dexterity, these gloves are comfortable for all day wear, cut-resistant, breathable, lightweight and true-to-size ensuring no gapping in the fingers. 

High Impact

Equipped with with impact protection and reinforced durability, the Milwaukee Impact gloves can handle even the toughest of jobs. These gloves feature impact rated enhanced TPR on the back of the hand and fingers as well as palm and fingertip ARMORTEX® reinforced padding for added durability. With an ANSI/ISEA 138 Impact Rating of Level 2, these gloves provide increased durability while still maintaining comfort and dexterity. They also include a hook & loop closure for added convenience.

Leather Goatskin

If heavy-duty leather is what you prefer, the Milwaukee Goat Skin gloves are a great option. Designed with top grain leather, a keystone thumb and reinforced palm, these gloves are all about comfort. Ease of use was also a key consideration in the design of these gloves, with the SMARTSWIPE™ feature on the knuckle rather than fingertips and a pull tab for easy pull-on and removal.

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