Klein have been at the forefront of the hand tool industry for over 160 years. With each new tool release comes a new batch of features, technology, and innovations that truly push the limit of what hand tools are; recently, they’ve even branched out into the modular tool storage industry with the announcement of their MODbox line, which you can read about in our write-up here. They’ve always had a goal of making your work easier and more efficient, no matter which industry you find yourself in, and this latest release combines the best aspects of some of their most trusted tools for the preeminent experience in fastening, bending, and a variety of other applications.

What you see before you is Klein’s all-new Plier Wrench (D53010). This tool combines all your favorite parts of Klein’s adjustable wrenches with their fantastic pump pliers to save time on the jobsite and space in your tool box, bag, belt, or backpack! The high leverage design allows for an incredibly strong grip on your work piece, especially when holding or bending various metals, and the parallel jaws enable a more secure and smooth grip on nuts, bolts, and all kids of other miscellaneous work pieces.

The jaws are also reversible, and include a knurled teeth option for extra power when dealing with conduit or pipes, and a 2” maximum opening width and 20 different adjustment settings ensure the Plier Wrench has the ultimate versatility on the jobsite. Klein have also moved the adjustment settings to the handle of the Plier Wrench, which not only minimizes hand travel but also allows for adjustments in more confined areas, further increasing its versatility. 

Klein’s Plier Wrench is available in a 10” size for now, with no word yet on any further sizes or future releases in the line. Be sure to grab yours from Ohio Power Tool at one of the various links throughout this post, and feel free to reach out to us at 614-481-2111 or cs@ohiopowertool.com with any questions, comments, or concerns; don’t forget to follow us wherever you get your social media fix these days to stay up to date on all the latest news, announcements, deals, and more!