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Back in August, Milwaukee hosted their annual Pipeline event where they highlight a variety of exciting new tools that they have planned to come out soon. You know… in the pipeline! One thing that really caught everyone’s attention was their announcement of an all-new line of hand tools that they will be made right here in the United States (you can read all about it in our article from the initial release here). We’ve been waiting patiently for any additional trickle of information since then, and finally, after all this time, we’re thrilled to announce that several of Milwaukee’s new American made hand tools are now available for pre-order!


First on the list of new releases, let’s talk about all of the screwdrivers that Milwaukee will be manufacturing at their new US manufacturing facility in West Bend, Wisconsin. Each of the screwdrivers feature a cushion grip designed for ultimate comfort while also supplying maximum gripping power for added torque, and custom-machined tips to deliver precision fits and reduce the stripping of screws during intense fastening applications. To begin, Milwaukee is releasing 4 different sizes of Phillips head screwdrivers to ensure coverage for any sized Phillips screw you’ll come across, with 3″, 4″, 6″, and 10″ shafts to provide the exact amount of reach you need. See the table below for the part numbers and listings for the new Phillips head screwdrivers.

Part NumberDescription
MT201#1 Phillips 3″ Cushion Grip Screwdriver
MT202#2 Phillips 4″ Cushion Grip Screwdriver
MT203#3 Phillips 6″ Cushion Grip Screwdriver
MT204#2 Phillips 10″ Cushion Grip Screwdriver
Milwaukee MT202 Made in the USA Screwdriver fixing an electrical socket on the jobsite
#2 Phillips 4″ Cushion Grip Screwdriver (USA)

Milwaukee is also releasing 3 sizes of flathead screwdrivers, sometimes called slotted screwdrivers, which include laser-etched tips to increase the gripping surface when fastening or unfastening. The 3 different sized shafts allow for maximum reach in those harder to access areas that you may come across during the day. Along with these, 4 sizes of cabinet point screwdrivers provide much of the same coverage for 3/16” and 1/4” fasteners, with even longer shafts for added reach in harder to access areas.

Part NumberDescription
MT2061/4″ Slotted 4″ Cushion Grip Screwdriver
MT2075/16″ Slotted 6″ Cushion Grip Screwdriver
MT2093/8″ Slotted 8″ Cushion Grip Screwdriver
MT2113/16″ Cabinet Point 3″ Cushion Grip Screwdriver
MT2123/16″ Cabinet Point 6″ Cushion Grip Screwdriver
MT2133/16″ Cabinet Point 8″ Cushion Grip Screwdriver
MT2141/4″ Cabinet Point 10″ Cushion Grip Screwdriver
Milwaukee MT207 Made in the USA Screwdriver in the hands of an electrician working on an electrical box on the jobsite
5/16″ Slotted 6″ Cushion Grip Demolition Screwdriver (USA)

Finally, 2 ECX and 3 square screwdrivers will round out this new line for those few occasions you find yourself using ECX or square fasteners. Milwaukee will also be releasing a 4-piece and 6-piece screwdriver set along with the individual screwdrivers for those that need an assortment of several different types.

Part NumberDescription
MT215#1 ECX 4″ Cushion Grip Screwdriver
MT216#2 ECX 4″ Cushion Grip Screwdriver
MT217#1 Square 3″ Cushion Grip Screwdriver
MT218#2 Square 4″ Cushion Grip Screwdriver
MT219#3 Square 6″ Cushion Grip Screwdriver
MT200-44Pc. Cushion Grip Screwdriver Set
MT200-66Pc. Cushion Grip Screwdriver Set
Milwaukee MT215 Made in the USA Screwdriver at work on an electrical outlet on the jobsite
#1 ECX 4″ Cushion Grip Screwdriver (USA)


Up next in the new Made in the USA hand tool line from Milwaukee are several new pliers. Their 9″ Lineman Pliers are designed with an optimized pivot point to provide the best leverage for cuts through tougher material like ACSR and hard wire, and can cut through soft wire like a hot knife through butter. For additional versatility, Milwaukee is also offering pliers with added bolt cutters for #6 and #8 bolts, along with a crimper for both insulated and non-insulated terminals, and a pair of Lineman Pliers with an integrated thread cleaner. 

Part NumberDescription
MT5009″ Lineman’s Dipped Grip Pliers
MT500C9″ Lineman’s Dipped Grip Pliers w/ Crimper & Bolt Cutter
MT500T9″ Lineman’s Dipped Grip Pliers w/ Thread Cleaner
Milwaukee MT500 Lineman's Pliers about to ply some wire on the jobsite
9″ Lineman’s Dipped Grip Pliers (USA)

Additionally, Milwaukee will be releasing 3 sizes of Diagonal Cutting pliers, which use their optimized pivot point to provide maximum leverage when cutting through tougher materials like wires, screws, or other hardware. Engineered to deliver the best open and close experience without any breaking-in needed, the pliers are tether ready and laser-hardened to ensure as long a life as possible.

Part NumberDescription
MT5066″ Diagonal Dipped Grip Cutting Pliers
MT5077″ Diagonal Dipped Grip Cutting Pliers
MT5088″ Diagonal Dipped Grip Cutting Pliers
Milwaukee MT508 Diagonal Cut Made in the USA Pliers doing some electrical work on the jobsite
8″ Diagonal Dipped Grip Pliers (USA)

Rounding out the pliers are the all-new Long Nose Pliers, which will be available in a single 8″ size at release. With cross-hatched, laser-hardened teeth for maximum grip when pulling or twisting, and again with the optimized pivot point for the best possible leverage during cuts, the pliers also feature a reaming head for ½” to 1” conduit as well as a fish tape puller. Each of the new Lineman, Diagonal Cutting, and Long Nose pliers are available with an optional comfort grip for added comfort throughout prolonged use as well as a boost in torque and leverage during use.

Part NumberDescription
MT5058″ Long Nose Dipped Grip Pliers
MT5509″ Lineman’s Comfort Grip Pliers
MT550C9″ Lineman’s Comfort Grip Pliers w/ Crimper & Bolt Cutter
MT550T9″ Lineman’s Comfort Grip Pliers w/ Thread Cleaner
MT5566″ Diagonal Comfort Grip Cutting Pliers
MT5577″ Diagonal Comfort Grip Cutting Pliers
MT5588″ Diagonal Comfort Grip Cutting Pliers
Milwaukee MT505 Made in the USA Long Nose Pliers cutting through some wires at a construction site.
8″ Long Nose Dipped Grip Pliers (USA)


And there you have it, folks! There are over 30 fantastic new Milwaukee items made right here in the United States to add to your ever-growing and never-ending collection of hand tools (it’s not a problem, it’s a lifestyle; we get it, don’t worry). And the best part is, all of them are available for pre-order right now at Ohio Power Tool for shipping later on this spring! Nab yours from one of the links above, and feel free to reach out at 614-481-2111 or with any questions, concerns, or comments, and be sure to follow us on all your favorite social media sites to stay up to date on all the new releases, announcements, deals, and more!