Two essential garments needed for safety on the jobsite are hardhats and safety glasses. While we all know that these are vital, mistakes happen, and frequently injuries occur because these items are temporarily removed to wipe your head, remove debris, wipe off fog, etc. and then accidentally left off. To help understand the differences in the products Milwaukee has available and help you make more informed purchase decisions, we continued our safety discussion with Milwaukee Territory Safety Specialist, Adonios Papanikolau (AP). If you missed our previous conversation with AP on safety gloves, be sure to check it out here to help you determine the correct kind of gloves for the job as well.


Milwaukee offers a variety of hardhats to ensure that you select the appropriate one for the type of work your project requires. Their available hardhats are Type 1, meaning that they reduce the impact force if you were to be hit on the top of the head. They have versions that are rated Class C (Conductive) or Class E (Electrical), able to withstand up to 20,000 volts of electricity. The styles are either full-brim or front-brim (cap style) and are available unvented or vented for improved airflow.

A common complaint of hardhats is that many of them have limited accessory slots. Milwaukee hats feature a MILWAUKEE® BOLT™ Headlamp mount, as well as 4 BOLT™ accessory slots and 2 universal slots. This allows you to easily add Personal Protection Equipment such as face shields, ear muffs, and more. The hats also feature a quick-adjustable ratcheting suspension for added comfort, a BOLT™ marker clip, and sweatband.

Safety Glasses

Along with hardhats and gloves, Milwaukee also offers a variety of safety glasses to ensure you have the right protection you need on the jobsite. The three general types available are Standard, Frame or Gasket. Milwaukee designs all of their glasses with lasting fog-free and anti-scratch lenses to eliminate the need to remove them and wipe them down while you’re working.

Standard Safety Glasses

Standard safety glasses are the least bulky, with no side or lower frame, providing protection while remaining lightweight and allowing a fuller range of view. With an integrated flexible nose bridge and smooth arms, these provide you with extended comfort for all day wear. These are available in clear or tinted lenses so that you can wear them whether you’re working indoors or outdoors.

Frame Safety Glasses

For increased durability, the Frame glasses are designed for added impact protection. Also available with clear or tinted lenses, these glasses are very similar to the Standard glasses, but with a full surrounding frame.

Gasket Safety Glasses

For advanced protection and ultimate performance, Milwaukee offers safety glasses with a removable gasket. These are ideal for those who work around a lot of debris because the gaskets prevent all materials from getting into your eyes. Because the gasket is removable, you can take it out if it gets uncomfortable or if you’re working in an environment that doesn’t require the added gasket protection. These glasses are available with clear or polarized lenses.

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