The last thing you want to do when working is drop something you’re working with. Not only because you could break your favorite tool… but because it’s also a serious safety hazard! According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is an injury caused by a dropped object every 11 minutes in the U.S. We continued our conversation with our Milwaukee Territory Safety Specialist, Adonios Papanikolau (AP), to clarify the types of tethering tools on the market and how to ensure safe practices on the jobsite. If you missed our previous conversation with AP on safety gloves or hardhats and glasses, be sure to check those out as well.

Milwaukee noticed common trends that lead to injuries on the jobsite and addressed those in the design of their tool lanyards and accessories. Here is a breakdown of what they found to be the most important features.

Color Coding

Because your tools can vary drastically in weight, the support you have for them needs to vary as well. Overloading a lanyard with weight can not only break it, but it can even cause a fatal accident. Milwaukee uses a color coded system to ensure that you can immediately tell which type of lanyard you need for your tools. The variety of colors available include red (10 lb), black (15 lb) and grey (35 lb). There are also blue (2lb), white (5 lb), and grey (35 lb) attachments available that are designed to be used with Milwaukee Self-Adhering Tape to create a secure attachment point on most tools without a lanyard hole.


An important factor to consider is durability. Milwaukee Lanyards are made with a double-locking carabiner for a secure connection and feature a 360° swivel head so that your tools don’t get tangled and are movable with ease. The tethers are engineered to provide the best shock absorption so that if a tool is dropped it gradually slows as it falls. The quick-connect system makes these lanyards perform best when combined with Milwaukee Quick-Connect accessories, but these are designed to be compatible on pretty much any tool you may have.


Different jobs are done at different heights, and a common hazard that we see out in the field is the combining of lanyards for added length when people are working on lifts. This goes against manufacturer guidelines and can be extremely dangerous. Milwaukee addressed this issue by creating extended sizes for their 15 and 10 pound lanyards for extra reach when you need it. Milwaukee also offers a Quick-Connect Locking Tool with a carabiner on both ends for fast swaps between tools, which provides some extra length and can be used along with accessories of varying weight ratings.


When you need to tether more tools in more places, Milwaukee also offers a 50 lb anchor strap. The anchor strap features an oversized D-Ring and is able to hold 5 lanyards on it. The anchor is constructed from an abrasion resistant 840D sleeve for added durability. This tool is easy to maneuver and is color coded green for quick identification of it’s 50 lb weight rating.

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